Sunday, March 11, 2012

March Time

March one of my most favorite months. This is because of all sports questions.  Like where will Peyton Manning go? And other roster trades and changes during an exciting N.F.L. off season.  More questions maybe who are the bubble teams that will dance in the madness.  My team Xavier was in this 'bubble team' spot for a while.  Honestly the only person you can listen to for good advice on bracketology is Joe Lunardi.  All the other people who study the brackets are dumb. Honestly this season ending tourneys are almost too big a deal.  But I like it because of the good match-ups, like today Ohio State plays Michigan State and Florida State play North Carolina.  But the best part of today is the Selections.  When the picks are made.  Who dances and who balls them selves to sleep. Joe Lunardi's Prediction Brackets, see this link for advice by Joe Lunardi.

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